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  1. We can make it if we try Just the two of us Just the two of us Building them castles in the sky Just the two of us You and I. I hear the crystal raindrops fall On the window down the hall And it becomes the morning dew And darling when the morning comes And I see the morning sun.
  2. Nov 15,  · if you can take it you can make it. rev in this sinful world that we are living in, we are going to have hard times. we are going to be tried. [tested] but if you can take it, you can make it. a sea going vessel must be able to take what the stormy seas brings. sometimes there are Author: Dorothy Napier.
  3. May 15,  · DOWNLOAD The Rhythm Sessions We Can Make It Mp3. The Rhythm Sessions We Can Make It. The dynamic music pointer The Rhythm Sessions unleashes a new song titled We Can Make It which is definitely one piece of art that will dominate the airwaves this period.
  4. We can make it through tough times because we live by faith, joyfully in Him. Ray Charles was a pianist, singer, and composer featured in the award-winning biographical film Ray. The film reveals how Ray compensated for his blindness by learning to hear what others could not—a skill that would contribute to his musical talent.
  5. "We Can Make It!" is the nineteenth single by Japanese boy band Arashi. The single was released on May 2, through J Storm. It was included in the band's seventh studio album Time ().Format: CD single.
  6. We can make it The world is rough but we can make it 'Cause you're my shelter from the storm now I don't need wine to keep me warm now No. View full lyrics.

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